Cable ID Printer
Cable ID Printer Mk2500/Mk1500

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Able to print installing cables or labels, signal names etc.
Fast and bright printing.
Provides smart cable marking.

Mk2500 ( product code: 3382B012 ) - SGD$1800
Mk1500 ( product code: 3230B017 ) - SGD$1200

Fast print speed & accuracy
MK2500: 40mm per second
MK1500: 25mm per second

High quality printing, superior resistance to thermal transfer

Supports heat-shrinkable tubing

Supports printing on commercial marking plate

Printable labels for pasting into equipment in the switchboard

Strip 4mmID
By using the 4mmID strip attached to the cable, the cable can be maintained while connected to the cable marking. Prevents interruption of power, thus no worry about damage to the cable.
Able to print a specified number of repetitions the same character, you can automatically print a consecutive number.
Smooth detachment (Auto cut function)
The tube can be cut easily printed by hand because it contains a notch. "All off" "off" half "of printing with or without cut-line" can be set.

Data can be transferred to a PC connected via USB

Easy-to-type keyboard

A cut above the rest
Save time and effort with in-built auto-cutting features that finish your jobs quickly and professionally. Canon's tube printers offer full-cutting, half-cutting or no-cut options for greater versatility.

Sharp resolution anywhere
Offered as a standard, Canon's tube and plate printers deliver high-resolution 300 dpi prints achieved by specially designed ink ribbons. The exclusive ribbon technology produces sharp, durable prints in a variety of colours for great-looking results.

A fine adjustment
For the most precise needs, use the fine adjustment functions to tweak each print to perfection. Adjust variables such as plate thickness (in plate printers), character size adjustment, 6/9 underlining, border printing, text orientation and spacing adjustment for complete job satisfaction.